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Our App prevents against advanced malware

Try now our free app to protect your company against sophisticated cyber attacks.

Advanced Persistent Threats

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) are stealthy, highly sophisticated attacks that remain undetected for long periods and intended to infiltrate specific targets.With many APTs, it takes months and sometimes years before they are uncovered and blocked by traditional AVs and other security products.

Fileless malware

Fileless malware is a generic term usually referring attacks that gain persistency without having an actual file as part of the malicious persistent payload. MalwareDeception solution detects these threats and prevents their execution before the endpoint is damaged or they gain persistency over the system

Ransomware y cryptominers

With Malware Deception solution, both Ransomware and Cryptominers are deceived to prevent their operations from succeeding, keeping your endpoints and business safe. Ransomware will not be able to encrypt files, saving you the trouble of recovering or reinstalling the endpoint.


We use the same defenses and techniques viruses use against them, deceiving them into believing they’re in a hostile or unattractive environment to attack…
For example, we make viruses believe they’re in a sandbox/virtual machine (VM) that are used to detect and analyze them…


If viruses try to operate in our defensive environment, we’ll stop them by giving them the impression that their attack was successful even though we already thwarted it and the machine remains intact.

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how it works

What is this App for

The malware Deception is a free app for organizacionts and IT departments to prevent sophisticated cyberattacks


Protect against sophisticated threats
Prevent damage to data & assets
Reduce reputational risk

CISOS / IT Managers

Automate responses on detected threats
Reduce alerts & false positives
Reduce operational burden

C Level

Reduce operational costs & resources
Improve employees productivity

How it works:

Strenghten your cybersecurity

A free app to secure, manage sophisticated and unknown threats

Prevents unknown and sophisticated threats
Very high prevention and detection rates
Real time detection & response
System-wide protection with pinpoint handling
Deploys in seconds & Easy to manage
Low resource consumption (CPU, memory & disk)
NO constant updates
Can operate as stand-alone
Can stop millions of viruses using only 1 evasion technique
High stability – operates in User-mode
Low to non-existing false positive rate

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